G35 Vaydor BodyKit & Interior Installation

The G35 Vaydor Body Kit/ Interior Installation is an amazing finished turn key process that is offered by G35Exotics.com, they are partnered up with a company called Custom Crafted cars to give you the best option and the best advice to get you the right price and the right vehicle.

They offer turnkey builds like a complete build starting at 70,000 donor car is included in the build so all you need to do is show up and pick the color and pay with cash, check or card and enjoy your new exotic car that no one still nows about,

Given the exclusivity of this car and the build process only a handful of people can really build such a beast, and for good reason its expensive and it takes time, and hiring a pro is recommended if you want everything to line up and feel confident in your purchase

So who is this car for?

Anyone looking to have a good looking car that they would like to show off but not pay the full price tag of a Lamborghini or Ferrari, plus maintenance is simple, because its built on a  Infinity G35 so maintenance cost are greatly reduced unless you plan on swapping the engine and putting turbos and tuning it then the maintenance cost will go up a bit.

The demand for this turnkey solution is great becuase who would not want aG35 Vaydor Upclose car they can fully customize and build…

Turn Key Vaydor G35 Bulders

So if your ever in need of a Vaydor Supercar let G35 Exotics know they have already build 2 Vaydors for themselves and sold them both within a months time so not to long.

One was outfitted with a twin turbo set up that had a grey exterior with a red interior so it looked super sweet.

Right now they have packages available starting at 75K and they just updated there prices today because the demand is going up so must the prices. The build takes less then 2 months from ordering to make, depending on the time and the amount of cars that they are building im pretty sure they can have it done in under 2 weeks and you can have a brand new Vaydor at your door within a month with delivery.

So with that being said get your Vaydor built soon becuase these guys will do it… and do it very well I have personally seen one of the Vaydors and they are amazing.

Never the less if you take delivery of your Vaydor and seem to not like it put it up for sale and watch the phone calls roll in.

Most of the customers will not be as educated as you on the car since they have no clue what the heck it is, but curiosity is good, because a car looking that good deserves some respect and some neck breaking attention.

After all if you really look at it in person it looks like it can easily be worth 500K+ and that is not even getting into engine upgrades and tuning. its a beast of a super car with a heck of a reputation.


G35 Vaydor Upclose

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